A Precarious Time….

It just doesn’t feel quite right for me start my website detailing my PhD research whilst the world around us is being ravaged by an invisible pandemic.

The past week has been an absolute blur. I have not been productive on my PhD since Monday when I was discussing possible contingencies for how to continue with my qualitative interviews given the spreading virus. That conversation feels like it was 6 months ago rather than just a handful of days….

So in order to start my website and move forward in my participation of ’23 things’ here is a little bit of comfort – albeit indulgent comfort – my recent coffee bean order.

I used to enjoy writing and contemplating (read: procrastinating) in cafes until a week ago. When the world changed. Since then I have been staying at home, burrowing down. But coffee will be an absolute must when I can muster the energy to work some more on my PhD.

Em x